Time-saving mobile wound documentation directly at the point of care

"Actually, one picture is enough for me to assess the success in the treatment of a wound." This is what we have often heard from physicians.

The basic functions of imitoCam include the visual documentation and digital measurement of wounds, as well as the localisation of the affected area of the body using a visual body map.

Photography of wounds

The photographic visualisation of wounds is an addition to written wound documentation. It is not only used to monitor the treatment progress, but also serves for quality assurance. With imitoCam, the image series already recorded are available as a chronological sequence immediately after identification of the patient. The review of previous photos supports the user in creating comparable images and makes it possible to discuss the course of treatment with the patient.

Medical photo and video documentation

Digital wound measurement

The precise measurement immediately after photo capturing adds to the range of functions for the documentation of wounds. Length, width, area and circumference can be calculated automatically from the encircled wound.


Category and body area

With just a few taps, the image series can be assigned to specific categories and to the body area using a visual body map. These details are not only relevant for wound documentation, but also for research and education.

Research and education